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Our Story


Cozy and Intimate Restaurant Serving Karen, Burmese, and Thai Food

Mandalay Kitchen is named after the city of Mandalay in Upper Burma, which is a melting pot of various cultures, and symbolizes Chef Chris Tunbaw's experiences navigating the cuisines of Myanmar and Thailand. Chef Chris Tunbaw is an ethnic Knyaw (Karen) who is passionate about using food to bring people together. After immigrating to St. Paul in the late 1990s, food served as a connection point that allowed him to build community across different cultures. 

Mandalay Kitchen seeks to create a welcoming community where you explore the richness of Knyaw, Burmese and Thai cuisines. Food at Mandalay Kitchen is locally sourced and made from scratch. The inspiration for the menu includes childhood experiences in Southeast Asia, frequent trips to Thailand, and an intimate knowledge of the restaurant scene in Little Mekong, St. Paul.

Our Menu

Our menu features a wide variety of dishes from Knyaw, Burmese, and Thai cuisine. From spicy curries to savory noodle dishes, we have something for everyone. All of our dishes are made fresh to order and can be customized to your liking.



We are excited to announce that Mandalay Kitchen will be open soon! Stay tuned for updates on our grand opening and our made-to-order delivery service.

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